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My husband and I had a dream... to retire on a beautiful farm with our grandchildren surrounding us and raise the breeds of dogs we love best! 
One of our goals in doing this was to have the sanitation and the convenience of a first class kennel, but to make it a place that was not only a real home to us and our family, but also our family of dogs.  We feel that we have accomplished this, although we are constantly making improvements. 
Our kennel home has a living area, whelping room, grooming room, kitchen and bath. All puppy-proof of course. We have doggie doors going into the living area, large concrete kennels with inside sleeping areas that are heated and cooled, long gravel runs and 1/4 acre fenced in yards. When our dogs are loose on our farm, they have access to four ponds. 
We have a handler that shows our dogs occasionally and a lot of the puppies we placed have turned out to be show quality. However, we enjoy staying here and I'm sure they would prefer it to being crated and traveling all the time. 
We have quality food, automatic waterers, excellent vet care and of course treats and toys.
Both of these breeds are incredible family companions and require daily brushing. 
We breed only quality healthy dogs that represent the breed well and we stand behind our two year  health guarantee. 
Most of our dogs that are old enough, have been OFA certified, the younger ones have preliminary x-rays. 
All puppies are AKC reg., well socialized, a thorough vet. examination within ten days of shipping and receive first vaccinations and wormings.
Please research the breed and the responsibilities involved with caring for your pet properly for his/her lifetime!
Shepherd  Hills
 AKC Old English Sheepdogs, Newfoundlands
and Sheepadoodles
Grooming & Feeding

I have a young male AKC Old English Sheepdog, a beautiful large AKC Newfie and a choc. parti-color AKC Standard Poodle up for stud.
We now have our fourth litter of Sheepadoodles born  Oct.2016.
After several requests and talking to our vet..I fell in love with them..so very excited about our new arrivals.

I want to thank the dozens of families that have given our puppies loving homes and the photos and e-mails you have sent. Please stay in touch and keep sending photos! Knowing our puppies are giving and receiving love is the best part of breeding!

I will only be breeding occasionally to keep these lines going, as not only are these dogs from good quality and health, they have proven longevity. This is very important...especially for the larger breeds that have a shorter life expectancy. 

God bless all of you and thank you again for bringing  one of our puppies into your home!​ 
Bear is a huge black male AKC Newfoundland up for  stud to an approved family!
Almost 2 yrs.old, proven..beautiful pups, brown recessive, will be OFA certiifed in Sept. 2014
Mr. Reese is a beautiful choc. parti- color AKC Standard Poodle available for stud to an approved female.
Almost 2 yrs.old, proven..beautiful pups. We now have our first litter of Sheepadoodles born Dec.2014!
Meet Our Males
Hobby Breeder with over 20 years of selective breeding for quality and health.   Stud service and puppies occasionally to approved homes

A designer breed crossing an Old English Sheepdog with a Standard Poodle. Sheepadoodle puppies are incredibly intelligent and easily trained. They make a wonderful family pet and can even be a very good health care service dog or guidance dog. They love to be with their family, play, go for walks, or just be by your side.

When crossing a Sheepdog with a Poodle, you significantly increase the dog's hypoallergenic factor to (nearly) 100% and they are non-shedding with a soft, wavy coat. Dew claws removed and docked tails. The result is a "smarter" Sheepdog that is hypoallergenic, non-shedding and a GREAT family dog. These dogs are eager to please, non-dominant, intelligent, extremely trainable and make good companions. They are loyal,very people-oriented and are great with children. These dogs are great with other animals, too! Their calm temperament and love for people is one of their best attributes.
Newfoundland puppies available late Dec.2016 and Sheepadoodle puppies ready for homes early Dec.2016 
Photos available soon!
Please call or e-mail if interested
Just a few photos fanilies have sent over the years
Health Agreement Guarantee
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AKC Bear
.Sheepadoodle  puppies 2014
Puppies available shown below
AKC Newfoundland puppies due late Oct.ready for homes late Dec. 20165  
One black male available
$1400 plus shipping & carrier
Sheepadoodle puppies born October 7th!  Puppies picked in the order of deposit received/  Will be ready for homes early Dec.2016.
$1400 plus shipping and carrier
brenn@ipa.net         417-253-2217
Sheepadoodle puppies ready for homes early Dec.2016

DOB - 10/07/2016
5 males and 5 females

$1400 plus $300 if shipping and carrier is needed. $500 deposit required with balance due 10 days before shipping.  

​Individual photos soon..puppies picked in order of deposit received at 5 weeks of age from photo and description.